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Tips to help you find the best possible caregiver for in home care, including what kind of qualifications to look for and where to begin the search.

Finding the best possible in home caregiver can be a tricky task. Many of the caregivers that home care agencies hire out are unqualified, and some lack the compassion or patience that a good caregiver requires to do the best work for their patients. Caregivers that aren't properly trained to do the job may make mistakes that could hurt the patient, or may just give them poorer treatment than a good caregiver should offer. Finding the right caregiver is a matter of locating a reputable agency, checking the education and training of possible caregivers, and checking up on them often to be sure they're giving the best care.

Locating a Reputable Agency

Finding a trustworthy agency often requires asking others for their opinions and experiences with the local in home care agencies. Websites dedicated to reviewing these companies also exist, and will offer warnings for companies who have unqualified or rude employees, and good reviews for companies who only hire good caregivers. Many people have already gone through a variety of home care agencies, and their experiences can save you from the trouble of having to test them all yourself.

Checking the Education and Training of Possible Caregivers

The agency should be able to supply you with details on the medical training and education of any caregivers you may want to hire upon request. If they can't, the caregiver themselves will be able to. If the caregiver doesn't want to disclose that information, they may have a good reason why. If they're not medically trained properly to do the job, or if they lied to the agency about their training, they may want to hide that fact. Untrained caregivers should not be hired.