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Answer this important question posed by the infirm: Does A Nursing Home Take Your Social Security Payments? Get vital information to protect a spouse.

Suppose a family member was admitted to a nursing home. Their Social Security income will be used for their care. Does this mean the costs will cause neglect at home? If the spouse of the nursing home resident is dependent on the residents Social Security check they may have rights to a portion.

Criteria for Spousal Support by Social Security

When a spouse is in the nursing home, Medicaid allows for the home based to use some of the Social Security of the resident. The amount varies for each state. The lowest amount is $1750. This is adjusted according to income information provided to Medicaid.

What if The Amount Allowed for The Spouse is Not Enough?

Does A Nursing Home Take Your Social Security Payments? There are limits to how much money can be taken for care. If the amount is not enough for the spouse an appeal can be filed. This is under the Community Spouse Monthly Housing Allowance rule. Each state sets a criterion. All income is considered and expenses have to meet stringent guidelines.

Does A Nursing Home Take Your Social Security Payments?

Only when a person is not married will their Social Security payments be used for nursing home care. If the finds are insufficient Medicaid takes over if there are less then $2000. in assets. This is the current figure, subject to change. Medicare is not set up for long term care. The only exception is skilled care. This has strict guidelines. There is a personal allowance allowed for individuals personal needs.

What Assets are Included in for Medicaid Consideration?

The assets allowable for Medicaid determination varies depending on location. The home (at a certain value limit), one vehicle, clothing, inaccessible assets, a certain amount of life insurance, and prepaid burial plan are not counted as assets. If there is a transfer of assets there will likely be a penalty. Does A Nursing Home Take Your Social Security Payments? Not if there special factors mentioned. If there are any concerns there are resources for legal advisement under elder law.