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Not all of the questions have been solved under the new healthcare reform bill. One of the most pressing ones is what will happen to a person who still cannot afford insurance, even though an insurance company cannot deny him or her coverage. The Obama administration still allows companies to drop people for lack of payment. People who cannot afford health insurance now may still not be able to afford it under the new law.

What Happens if I Can't Afford Health Care Under the New Reform Bill?

The bill expanded the power of the Internal Revenue Service. Agents must now check to make sure an individual has what the new health care form bill determines is adequate coverage. A person who does not have enough health coverage has a fine levied against them. If a person can pay the fine, which may be less than the cost of coverage, nothing further happens to him or her. The exact penalties about what will happen if a person cannot pay the fines are not yet known. It could result in further penalties or jail time if the fine continues not to be paid.

Any Help For Those Who Cannot Afford It?

People with limited resources may be eligible for Medicaid, and senior citizens who draw social security will still receive Medicare. People who do not fall under these guidelines may find that the rates for health care under the new form bill have risen to the point where they cannot afford them. Services like Pennsylvania's Adult Basic may or may not cover them. In the meantime, people who fall into the area where they make too much to qualify for help and too little to qualify for insurance must figure out how to pay the fines or do whatever they can to make sure that health care under the new form bill is not a requirement.