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Tips to help you start mining gold. Whether you want to be a professional or do it as a hobby there are many ways to start mining gold immediately!

Gold mining is the process of removing gold from the earth. There are multiple methods for extracting the mineral and a lot of places you can do it. Depending upon whether you want to make a profession out of the process or just a hobby will determine where you mine for gold.

Gold in Recent History

The past 500 years saw an explosion in the international quest for gold. The Spanish, Dutch and Portugese conquered most of South America trying to find as much of the precious metal as possible. In American history there was the California Gold Rush and the Alaskan Rush. Almost every continent has had large discoveries of gold and some continue to find it.

Recreational Gold Mining

The U.S. has many popular destination where you can go gold mining. Rural places associated with the rushes of the past in California, Colorada and Alaska have a lot of tourists pan for gold. Some actually do find a decent amount trade it for money. If you visit any of the thousands of tourist attractions that allow you to mine you will more than likely find someone prospects as a full time job. Australia and even places in South America have tourist attractions where you can try and strike it rich!

Professional Gold Mining

Many experts speculate that most of the world's gold supply has already been retrieved from the ground. However, there are still multiple businesses that solely operate for the purpose of extracting gold. South America has seen a boom in these businesses in places like Columbia and Brazil. Even America still has gold mining companies that continually find pockets of the metal. Unless you have a lot of start up capital you will probably have to start as a regular worker in a mining operation if you want to be a professional gold miner.