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The best two investments for people who want to invest in silver for different reasons in today's market.

Making the choice to invest in silver is a good one, but you need to know that there are many different ways to do this. From coins to silver mining companies to bars, you can buy all sorts of different things if your goal is to get money into the world of precious metals. So what kind of silver is the best investment? That depends upon your goals as an investor.

What kind of silver is the best investment for heavy growth?

If you are looking to make your money grow quickly, then you will want to invest in silver mining companies. There are many good, up and coming companies out there that do a good job of controlling costs and mining silver efficiently. Choosing to invest in these over something like gold coins is a solid choice if you want to give your money a chance to grow. Understand, though, that there is much more risk involved in investing in these companies.

What kind of silver is the best investment for security?

When many people invest in silver, they are doing so to protect themselves from inflation and because they want something tangible that they can actually hold in their hand. The best type of silver investment for that would be silver coins. When you buy silver coins, you don't have to worry about having a large storage space, since they are small enough to go in a safe. In addition, coins are highly liquid and can be sold all over the place if you find a price point where you want to make a sale. They are much easier to sell than silver bars and similar types of silver.