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There are many different reasons that cause gold prices to rise. In order to invest successfully requires: that you have a basic understanding as to how these forces will affect prices of the commodity.

A common situation that has been occurring over the last ten years is the sharp rise in gold. This caused many individual and professional investors to begin investing in the precious metal, so that they can help improve their overall returns and use it as a hedge for risk. Yet, most people do not know what causes gold prices to rise, in order to successful invest in the commodity requires that you understand these factors.

Factors that Force Gold Prices to Rise

There are numerous factors that will cause gold prices to rise these would include: one, tensions. This is arguably one the biggest reasons why the price of gold rises. What happens is: various geo-political tensions around the globe cause uncertainty. This forces nervous investors to sell their more risky investment such as stocks and purchase gold until the tension has eased. As a result, gold prices begin rapidly rising to reflect this uncertainty. Two, a weak dollar, the U.S. dollar used to be tied directly to price of gold; however, in the 1970’s the U.S. went off of the gold standard. This caused the different currencies to float against one another and it meant that any moves of the dollar would have inverse effects on gold prices. When the dollar is weak it forces gold prices to rise as investors begin seeking out a way of protecting themselves against these declines.

Why Are Gold Prices On The Rise?

Clearly, there are numerous reasons that cause gold prices to rise. Two of the most common would include: geo-political tensions and a weak U.S. dollar. Together these factors cause uncertainty in investors and traders, which forces them to begin purchasing gold until this uncertainty begins to clear. It is through understanding the various reasons as why gold prices are rising, that will help you determine if this type of investment is right for you.