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Here are some easy, simple and best tips for you to grade gold coins. Before sale or purchase of gold coins, it is essential to determine their value.

Gold prices remain strong irrespective of economic trends and is a safe investment option. For cashing gold coins, they can be sold to pawn brokers, coin dealers or even online. Two strong aspects determine the value of gold coins. Firstly, the value of the inherent precious metal and secondly, the numismatic value. It greatly depends on the wear, grade, year of issue and other factors.

How do you grade gold coins?

It can be quite challenging task to grade gold coins. How you grade gold coins highly influences their price. Coin catalogs can be useful for you to grade the gold coins in possession. Amateurs can seek professional help from coin dealers, jewelers or pawn brokers. There are professional coin forums to provide help in grading gold coins.

Categories of coin grading

Grading standards of gold coins were determined as early as in 1950s. Since then, gold coins are judged by their use, grade, rareness and demand in the market. There are different categories by which you can grade the gold coins. The uncalculated or mint state coins are known to be perfect, flawless and have no defects. These are graded as highest in quality and fetch high prices. Other categories include fine, superfine, almost uncalculated, extremely fine and so on. A coin catalog can provide all these details for easier grading process.


Fake gold coins, chipped or clawed gold coins or colored ones are sold online and outside, always demand for a certification of grading when investing in gold coins. Take time when you grade gold coins and never hesitate for third party opinion when unsure of the deal.