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Secrets you should know to make sure that you are getting a fair price for your gold coins.

Do you own a large of amount of gold? Maybe you are a collector that has finally lost interest in your coins, or you just really need money. Many people own gold in some form but are not experts on how to sell it. You should understand what current market values are, and the trends that influence the price you will receive when selling coins.

What is a fair price for your gold coins?

This answer will depend upon what types of coins you have and how the venue through which you will be getting rid of them. If you are a collector and have some rare and historically valuable coins, you probably will use auctions and other ways, that will almost guarantee you a fair price. On the other hand, if you own a large amount of gold that is only good as bullion, you will probably take another rout. If you have gold coins that were struck in a known amount and you can verify this than you can sell them on the open market. Ounce for ounce any type of gold is worth the same amount of money. To make sure you get a fair price now the exact volume of gold you have and current market values when selling.

Different types of coins.

So you have gold coins but they are in poor condition and you don't know how much gold is in each one. There are a few options you can choose here. You can sell them to a gold purchaser who will give you close to market value. In many cases this will be a fair price, because they will do the refining work and measuring while giving you a price close to market value. Another option may be to sell the coinage at auction with a reserve.