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If you're asking how do I file a gold mining claim, you hammer stakes around the mine area and go file your claim, just like an old western movie.

When you stake out the area, you need to attach a notice that you are the property owner and no one else can stake a claim on this property. The next step in answering the question of how do I file a gold mining claim is you have to create a map of the area. It has to be detailed enough so it can be located by a geologist or mining engineer for evaluation.

How Do I File A Gold Mining Claim?

File your claim with your county clerk's office along with the map. Make sure your claims complies with all of your state's regulations and requirements. This office should have all the information you need.

The Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) requires a letter written by you containing your assigned claim number, claim name, and the legal description of the land. This letter needs to contain the equipment you are going to use, your process, and when you'll begin mining. This Notice of Intent is good for two years, then you have to file an extension.

How Much Does It Cost?

Next you'll need to post a bond with the BLM. Usually, the amount is over $2,000. This will require more paperwork such as the 3809-2 Surface Management Personal Bond form to send with your money to the BLM. You should receive a response in 15 days. If your question of how do I file a gold mining claim has been answered, let's see what else needs to be done.

Property Ownership and Permits

Not everyone realizes that the gold miner does not actually own the land, they just own the chance to discover gold on the land. If they receive the correct permits, they can erect structures on the property that pertain to mining, or a living structure. There are also other permits involved such as: a camp fire permit and a dredging permit.

Types of Gold

Not only can gold miners find placer gold, but now they can find pocket gold. This type is in quartz and can be found wherever placer gold is found. Also, miners are finding large nuggets and huge chunks of gold with a metal detector, called dry-land dredging.

Gold Mining For Adventure or Money

The majority of gold miners prospect for gold for adventure and relaxation. Geologists have stated that in the western United States less than 20 percent of the gold has been found. Once the rivers and streams were thought to be mined out, but natural erosion has deposited new gold into these bodies of water. Now that your question of how do I file a gold mining claim has been completely answered, you can begin your adventure. You may also make some money along with having fun.