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If you are thinking of investing in precious metals, then you probably want to know all of the reasons why that is a good idea. In the investment world, there are lots of different options and making solid choices requires you to know the benefits of all of those options. More and more folks are looking to gold and silver today than ever before and there is a good reason for that. Whether we are talking about gold coins, gold bullion, or investing in a gold mining company, the advantages of getting involved right now are pronounced and they are worth taking into account, for sure. The following are nine of the top reason why these things are a solid investment for today's investors.

1. You can buy gold and buy silver in a number of different ways

With most investments, you have one way of putting your money in. You buy stock in a company and let it ride from there. With precious metals, you can approach things in a number of different ways. Some people might want a gold coin or two, while others will see great value in the purity of silver bullion. Better still, there are options for investing in gold mining companies. With all of these different options, there is a little something for everyone.

2. You can buy platinum at the baseline price

Right now platinum is at levels that it will not see again for quite some time. The thing about platinum that separates it from gold and silver is that there are lots of different uses for platinum. You can buy platinum now and take advantage of the fact that the market is still not valuing it properly. In addition to being used in the production of fine jewelry, platinum is also of great use in manufacturing. This will help to keep its value high and that's what makes it a good investment for all consumers right now.

3. You can buy gold and buy silver in the form of jewelry
Though you might not think of it as an investment, when you buy platinum jewelry or you buy gold jewelry, you are actually investing. This is nice, because it allows you to get something that you value intrinsically, while also getting something that has serious financial value. Think for a moment about stocks and bonds. You can't wear your stocks around your neck, but you can certainly do that with gold and silver.

4. The price of gold continues to rise steadily
One thing about the price of gold is that it's been a steady riser over the last decade. In the last ten years, gold has more than tripled in price and though it will probably slow down some in growth, it is still a good bet to continue an upward trend. Gold prices have a tendency to fluctuate from day to day, but they stay on a line shooting upwards, which is a very good thing for investors who seek long term growth for their investments.

5. It is easy to sell gold coins
If you own a gold coin or two, you will be glad to know that it is easy to sell these gold coins when the time comes. If the gold price gets to a point where you need to sell gold, then you shouldn't have a problem finding a buyer. Gold coins are highly liquid and they have value all over the world. This is much different than with other investments, because things like stocks and funds have to be sold through a long, involved process on the markets. To sell gold and sell a gold coin, you just have to find one individual buyer.

6. Gold mining stocks offer high returns
One of the best reasons to get involved with gold and precious metals has to do with the potential of mining stocks. There are exploratory gold mining companies that do a very good job of producing solid returns and you can invest in blue chip gold mining stocks that are quite stable. With the gold stock buying market, there is something for people with all levels of risk aversion. This is something to keep in mind as you make your choices on not only if you're going to invest in gold, but how you are going to invest in gold.

7. Some precious metals offer huge growth potential
Through the gold price is probably not going to grow by huge margins, there is reason to believe that you could be a big winner if you invest in silver bullion. The price of silver is expected to outpace the gold price by a big margin over the next few years and many of the top stock analysts have pegged silver bullion companies as their top pick. Keep this in mind when you are considering gold prices, as the silver price is a solid bet over the gold price right now.

8. Gold bullion offers great security
As an investor, you want things that are going to hold their value well. When you buy gold bullion, you are purchasing something that is completely pure, so it is going to hold its value as long as gold prices stay at their current levels. This will provide some security for your portfolio.

9. The ultimate diversification tool
One thing about precious metals is that they provide the best way to diversify your portfolio. People who sell gold will tell you that having a nice investment that you can hold in your hand is something to value greatly. Likewise, these metals give you some security against the US economy, which is nice. In the case that something happens and stocks crash, you will still be able to sell gold and your silver bullion in order to get some value back. In that case, the price of gold might even go up significantly.

* Note: This article is not intended for investment advice. Please seek a professional financial advisor's advice before making any decisions with your money.