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The average rate of return on a 401k is somewhere between three and seven percent typically.

It may depend upon exactly how much your employer is willing to contribute to your fund. If they are unwilling to do so you will not have as strong of a return. An employer who offers a seven to ten percent return that can really make a lot of money for you. A lot of the professional sports organizations set up a 401k type retirement system for their former players these days. It really helps the percentage of money that people can make off their already fairly large earnings. An NBA player is earning what the market demands, don't blame them for having a lot of money in a 401k.

Retirement Fund

The Milwaukee Bucks have a great retirement fund that is similar to the 401k system. Milwaukee Bucks head coach Scott Skiles is extremely capable at what he does and thus he has earned the right to be a part of a great 401k system. Skiles knows how to make a significant amount. He will need a significant amount of money for his retirement fund as many NBA players will, this is especially true if they run into an illness or the occasional bad business deal. There are so many people out there who don't have a lot of hope for a great retirement, but they get a good average rate of return on their 401k their chances improve.


Scottrade and other companies out there can explain to you in great detail about what exactly a 401k is. They may be able to show you a retirement system that actually has a better rate of return. The people at these financial firms can tell you plenty of good things about a 401k.