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Impotence Aids

including penile vacuum pumps,
vaginal lubricants,
and erection pumps

Here are a variety of doctor-recommended, medical vacuum erection devices, tension bands, and lubricants to help with erectile dysfuntion, erection problems, male impotence and female impotence. Note: Each penis vacuum pump shown below is available over-the-counter; no prescription is required.

Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Erection System, (OTC)

Impo Aid Manual Vacuum Erection Device, (OTC)

Elite Custom Plus: Battery Operated Erection System, (Rx)

ErecAid Classic: Manual Operated Vacuum Erection Device, (OTC)

Elite Custom: Manual Operation Vacuum Erection Device, (Rx)

Impo Aid Battery Operated Vacuum Erection Device, (OTC)

ErecAid Esteem: Battery Operated Erection Device, (Rx)

SomaErect-Rx Response II Manual System

Soma Therapy-ED Lubricant

Astroglide Personal Lubricant

Osbon Personal Lubricant

For Penis
and Penis Rings

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Vitality Plus: Battery Operated Erection Device (OTC)

Vitality: Manual Operation Vacuum Erection Device, (OTC)

ErecAid Esteem: Manual Operated Erection Device, (Rx)

SomaErect-Rx Touch II Battery Operated System

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