Medicare Amounts – 2010

THE Part B: Monthly Premium FOR 2010
(*See Note below)

THE Part B: Deductible FOR 2010


THE Part A: Hospital Deductible FOR 2010e
(per Benefit Period) FOR THE FIRST 60 DAYS


THE Part A: Hospital Coinsurance, FOR 2010,
per day (days 61-90) FOR THE NEXT 29 DAYS


THE Part A: Hospital Coinsurance, FOR 2010,
per day (days 91-150) FOR THE NEXT 59 DAYS


THE Part A: Skilled Nursing Facility FOR 2010
Coinsurance, per day FOR (days 21-100)


Note: Your Part B premium depends on your modified adjusted gross income. Most people will pay the premium shown in the 2010 Medicare chart above. The 2010 Medicare premium is a 15% increase from the 2009 premium.

If the Social Security Administration withhold your Part B premium in 2009 and your individual income is less $85,000 or your joint income is less than $170,000, then your Part B premium is $96.40 (which is same as the 2009 premium).

However, if you filed an individual or joint tax return for 2008 and your modified adjusted gross income was more than $85,000 for individual filers or more than $170,000 for joint filers, your Part B premium for 2010 is shown in the 2010 Part B Monthly Premium table below. Though the Social Security Administration will calculate your Medicare premium for 2010, it is always a good idea to check their calculation against your 2008 tax return.

Part B Monthly Premium

If your 2008 income was ...

You Pay

Individual Tax Return

Joint Tax Return


$85,000 or less

$170,000 or less

$96.40 if SSA withhold premium in 2009

$85,001 - $107,000

$170,001 - $214,000


$107,001 - $160,000

$214,001 - $320,000


$160,001 - $213,000

$320,001 - $426,000


Above $213,000

Above $426,000


*If you do not have to pay a late enrollment penalty. You will be charged a late enrollment penalty if you do not enroll in Part B and Part D when you are first eligible of Medicare and do not have health insurance coverage.