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Practical solutions to help eliminate life's hassles

From time-to-time, our visitors ask us how to do various things. Questions cover every aspect of retirement, including Medicare, Social Security, and other matters that concern seniors. Here are some "how to" solutions you may find interesting — perhaps even helpful.

Sometimes, the solution involves an online calculator or other tool to answer questions such as: "How much is my Savings Bond worth?" — "How much money do I need to retire?" — "How can I make sure that I won't outlive my retirement income?" If your question may involve an online calculator, check out our Tools for Retirement page. (We've also included some "fun" tools and calculators.)

On the other hand, your question might be something like: "How do I replace my Medicare card?" — "How can I get a copy of my birth certificate?" For help with questions like these, check out the items below; click on the blue GO link after the topic you want information about.

Bank Safety. How to find out if your bank is healthy and safe. GO

Customer Service Hotlines. How to reach a human being. GO

Family Treasures. Restore your books, papers and photos. GO

Important Papers. Replace your very important documents. GO

Medicare. How and when to enroll. GO

Medicare. Replace your Medicare card. GO

Pensions. Find out if you are missing a pension. GO

Social Security. Replace your Social Security card. GO

Social Security. Correct an error in your earnings record. GO

Unclaimed Money. Find missing money and other assets. GO