Customer service hotline tips for Today's Seniors

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Reach a human being when you call customer-service hotlines

Most companies use annoying computers to answer their customer-service phones. While that can sometimes be useful (checking a flight status, etc.), consumers should be able to decide when they want to speak with a human, simply by pressing 0. Unfortunately, that usually doesn't happen., by Paul English, offers little-known, easy-to-use tips (they are called "cheats") that let you bypass automated phone systems and go straight to a live operator. Continually updated, his list of tips (cheats) covers nearly 400 companies, from AAA Financial to Yellow Transportation, and for most companies, includes the toll-free phone number for their customer-service department.

First, we suggest that you take a look at his General Tips page — it offers some very useful tips for general use. Then, check out his alphabetical list of tips (cheats) for US companies.

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