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Clean jokes and humorous stories - Page 2

Nine months later
Noah and the ark
"Old" is when ...
One-liners ... Part 1
One-liners ... Part 2
Only in America
Quirks about life ... that you notice by the time you are fifty
Rudy, the Adventure Cat
Sad News!
Santa's Reindeer
Senility Sisters
Senior driving
Senior moment
Senior moment II
Senior romance
Shallow gene pool
Signs! Signs!
Signs that you're burned out
Special Occasion
State mottos
Take care of your man
Technology for country folk
Ten rules of housekeeping
Tennis bracelet
The bathing suit pilgrimage
The Ferrari
The perks of being over 50
The power of a woman
The rabbit is dead
Then ... and Now
Things only women understand
Things to think about
Thoughts from George Carlin
To My Friends
Today's workplace safety lesson
Top 25 signs that you've grown up
True stories
WARNING to women everywhere!
What I want in a man
Why we love children
Work or Prison
Workplace wisdom

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