Tools for Retirement

— and some for fun —

There are a wide variety of very useful retirement-related calculators and other tools available on the Internet. Here are some of our favorites.

Credit Cards

Credit Card Calculator — What monthly payment is necessary to pay off a card's outstanding balance in the desired period? Leadfusion, Incorporated


Health Assessments — More than 30 interactive online health assessments, each with recommendations specifically tailored to you. RealAge, Inc.

Life Expectancy Calculator — Estimate your longevity potential. (Thomas Perls MD, MPH - founder and director of the New England Centenarian Study)

Real Age Calculator — Find out the biological age of your body, based on how well you've maintained it. RealAge, Inc.


Reverse Mortgage Calculator — Estimate your reverse mortgage and plan into the future.


Savings Bond Calculator — Find out what each of your U.S. Savings Bonds is worth. U.S. Treasury Department

Savings Bond Wizard — Manage your entire U.S. Savings Bond portfolio. U.S. Treasury Department


How do I plan for my retirement? — Includes an easy-to-use online glossary. Employee Benefit Research Institute and American Savings Education Councilt

Retirement Planner — CNN and Money magazine