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Can You Afford Long-Term Care?

Assisted Living
Home Health Care — Nursing Home Care


What is long-term care?
Why should I be concerned about long-term care?
Where does someone receive long-term care?
What does it cost?
Who pays for it?
What about Medicaid?
How can I afford to pay for long-term care
     — preferably in an assisted living facility?
How long will I need long-term care?
What about long term care insurance — can it help?
The bottom line ...

What is long-term care?

It is primarily personal care for people whose health has declined to the point where they need someone to help them with one or more normal activities of daily living (dressing, bathing, preparing meals, eating, taking medication, toileting, transferring — that's getting into or out of a bed or chair, etc.). Their need for assistance arises because of frailty (loss of strength and flexibility), or cognitive impairment resulting from Alzheimers disease or senility. Their nursing care plans may also include various types of therapy that can help older people adjust to or overcome many of the limitations that often come with aging.